Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gallery Albums

The very best I've found....Jalbums. THEY ROCK!

You can change the way the albums work - slideshows, lite box, thumbnail strips, etc. by clicking on 'Views'. You can also pause, slow down or speed up the slideshows. Have a look:

Shooting the Fireball

"Trauma"...A NBC TV pilot being shot in San Fran...(about Emergency Responders) involved a multiple car / tanker truck explosion....I waited 5.5 hours for this shot...worth it I think..
(but what do you think?)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome To My New Blog

I've been enjoying a hobby of photography for about 50 years now and am finally getting results representing my expectations though they seem to grow with time and experience. I hope you can find some unusual photos and many familiar ones in unusual ways to those who've had the pleasure to visit my beautiful and genteel city by the bay. The highest compliment would be that you find something of value and use. I hope you find it as accessible as it can be online. Any comments and observations are welcome and I would be honored by your 'autograph' in my Guest Book. The longer vision is a book and a personalized calendar that you will be able to build from your designation.
Welcome to my dream unfolding........ "Fear is the darkroom in which we develop our negatives."