Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Fog Fest Slideshow

A foggy day shoot in late September produced these "FogDawgs @ the Gate #3" shots. Music provided by a young 2 brother band called 'Freelands' who magically 'wafted' thru my life one day last week. He gave permission to use this music. Via email Alireza Kamran writes:

The music is recorded by my brother (Navid) and I. We like to call our 2-man band Freelands. On this particular song, Wahaj Bukhari, a good friend of mine, came up with the guitar line. I picked that up, replayed it, wrote the lyrics, and sang it. My brother added the electric piano and keys.

Have a great day,
- A


Here on the starts I stand tonight
With a star in my eyes and a scar in my heart
There I recall what I have been told
All our souls are tied to grow (All our dreams are tied to go)
The kid in my reason cannot even chase
Butterflies of where we are, or where we go

Here I am... show me your love
Here I am... show me your truth
Here I am... show me your face
Here I am... show me you love

I think there's great things in store for these young men.

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